Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marshall Lake, Uinta Mountains- August 2013

I had originally planned a full weekend outing for the Uintas. But the forecast for heavy thunderstorms caused a couple of my friends to back out. The forecast for Friday was calling for clear skies and warm temps. Saturday and Sunday the forecast was calling for heavy thunderstorms. As to not loose out on a trip out to the Uintas, I decided to hit Marshall Lake via the Fehr Lake trail solo. I arrived at the trail head to some really warm temps. I got my boots on and headed in. The flowers are still going here, and the trail is very lush this season. I made my way into Fehr, then pressed on to get down to Shepard Lake. There seems to be some reconstruction that has been done on this section of the trail. It was a nice walk in, and then I arrived at Shepard Lake. I made my way over the log hurdles and debris blocking the trail. I got to a draw and made my way up to the top. Once my climb was done, I was staring at Marshall Lake. It is a big one, and a great view to be had. Off to the left Hayden streaks in the skyline.

I worked my way over the scree fields to the shoreline trail that rounds the east side of the lake. I made it to the south side and found a nice place to throw up a tent for the evening. Once I got shop built, I did a little fishing. Caught a few, nice ones, but nothing epic to write home about. Still fun to be fly fishing. The sun started to set, and I got my fire going, and watched the twilight move in. The moon was up on this trip, so no clear star trails this trip. Still managed to rattle one off. I watched my fire coal out and decided that I would get some sleep. Morning came and there were some clouds building, so I got my morning fishing in, made my coffee, and then packed it up and decided to make for the car, as to not get caught in a thunderstorm climbing out of the basin. The walk out of Marshall to Shepard was very nice. Kind of just followed the game trails, it was fun. Just as I started to climb back out of Shepard, I missed a switch back, as well did two other hikers in front of me.

I eventually found the main trail, it was a bit hidden from view. I made a good pace out to Fehr, then pushed on to the car. It was fun to be out solo again. I like the company, but I also like the solitude as well. Enjoy the slideshow. Still a few more adventures to be had before this season is over.
djnebula's Marshall Lake 2013 album on Photobucket

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