Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Lake, Uintas- June 2013

I finally made it out to the Uintas for the first time this year. I was on sort of a scouting mission to see how the snow melt was progressing, and to scope out some areas for trips I have coming up this season. I had originally planned on an over nighter here in the Wasatch, but I just could not resist the appeal of getting out in the Uintas again, and being in the place I love. I hit the Lakes Country trail and decided I had not been to Long Lake, so why not an over nighter there. The walk in was pleasant, and very little snow left, just some piles in the shady areas in the trees. The trail overall was pretty much dry, and was easy going. I made the pass in 30 minutes, and took a break to soak in the view of Mt Watson. Then I was off, and arrived at the junction to head to Long Lake. This was a much shorter hike than I anticipated, so I arrived at Long Lake, and did a loop around it to check for sites and location for some photography. After settling on a great place, I built shop and got some firewood gathered.

I fished for a bit, then grabbed the camera and hit the sunset. This was incredible, as the colors really shined. As it got dark, I made a bite to eat, and then set up the camera for a night shot. I jammed some tunes by the fire as I monitored my camera as it did its job. After some incredible star gazing, and some really nice quite time by the fire, I turned in. Morning woke me as I heard fish jumping. I got up, made coffee, and then headed lake side to get in a few hours of fishing. After a few near misses, I got one on, and it was small, and as I went to land it, it wiggled off, and so that was that. Still fun to be out practicing roll casting, and just being in the mountains without a care in the world. After a while I decided my stay was finished, and I packed it up to head out. The hike out was beautiful, and the weather was perfect. It was nice to be out in the Uintas once more, and now that my favorite playground is open season, you bet there are more adventures to come. Enjoy the pics, and remember to respect the wilderness when you visit. Cheers!
djnebula's Long Lake Uintas June 2013 album on Photobucket

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