Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Crash/First Day Hike For 2013

This was a crazy month for me. A lot of things happening and changing, which is definitely in line with Spring arriving here. This last Tuesday I was riding Snowbird and having a great day, when heading to the base I was hit by a skier. I was probably going 40 MPH when she clipped the back end of my snowboard and sent me head first onto my back and shoulders and head. I really don't remember much after the impact, until I got my senses back. Kind of a white blur. As I laid there in a half daze trying to regain myself, the lady says "You should apologize to me, it was your fault." I just looked up at her and said, "Who is the one on the ground and who is standing up Ma'am?" She skied off not even asking if I was ok. Half groggy, I made my way to the base, and home to lick my wounds. I must say, if you ever wanted to know why to wear a helmet, this was a prime example of why you would do so. Needless to say, after my reflection on what happened, I have come to conclude that she violated the skier's code on several accounts. I won't hold a grudge, and I wish her the best. Could have been a lot worse. In short, I rang the bell pretty good, but I live to ride another day.

The last Saturday of March brought 70 degree temperatures, and blue skies. The crew had decided to hike up to one of my regular stops- Bells Canyon. It was a nice walk up there, and around the lake. Finally settled in for some fishing. I had no luck, but a couple of people in our group landed some nice cutty's! The scenery is right out of winter, but still fulfilling. It was nice to be up relaxing in the mountains, dreaming about backpacking once more. These are the days you realize that it won't be long before you are packing it off into the wilderness. Enjoy the pics, April is upon us, more adventures to come!

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