Saturday, June 9, 2012

Twin Lakes Trail- Big Cottonwood Canyon- June 2012

It was a sunny day. Crystal clear skies, and very warm temperatures. So why not do an exploratory hike to see what the upper Wasatch is looking like north facing? It is so green, so early in Big Cottonwood Canyon this year. I started in from Silver Lake, and was quickly moving into the aspens. Mother Nature is for sure putting on a show this year. The wildflowers are already beginning show up, as there was a sea of yellow with white starting to peek out in the meadows. I only saw the faintest piles of snow in the shady areas, and their days are numbered with how warm it has been. As I made the climb, things just never stopped being beautiful. I reached the dam, and was shocked at how low the water level was. It was at least 10 ft lower than last year, with only the snow hanging out in the Wolverine Cirque to put back what our valley has used. I have been to several other reservoirs this season, both backcountry and accessible.

All of them seemed to be holding their water, but this one only had a very small gap between sides. It probably looks more like the original Twin Lakes that were there before the dam was built. I made my way from the damn to the pass, but did not stay long because the winds were unbearable as a front is approaching the area. I made my way down to the inlet to do a little fishing and just enjoy the beauty up there. I got a couple of very small Lake Trout up there, maybe 7-9", I know there are bigger ones in there, need to find out what they go for. My dry flies seemed to be uninteresting to them. The sun started to head for the west, and that means It was time for me to head out. Took some fun shots on the way out. It was a great day up there, and from my view, the Wasatch is in full summer swing this year! Enjoy the pics!

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