Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Duck Lake, Uintas- June 2012

It was really nice to make it out to the Uintas this early in the season. Our winter was the fourth driest on record. And this has been the hottest spring I can ever remember. In contrast, our first trip to the Uintas last season was the last week of July. We made for the trail head Friday evening, and headed in, shortly followed by the rest of our group. We made a swift jaunt to the pass, climbing over and post holing through piles of snow still clinging to the east facing sloped in the shade. Gaiters are a bonus, you can walk through anything wet, and keep your feet dry. The trail was soggy and muddy in sections, and you had to navigate snow piles along the way. From the pass we made a quick decent passing Weir, and Pot lakes and arriving to a very soggy and wet Duck Lake.

We found the one campsite that was dry enough for us to pitch in, and made camp. Evening set in pretty quick after that, and we got a fire going and had a few beverages. I took a star trail shot, then decided it was time for my sleeping bag. It was so quite that night, and the breeze was nice in the trees. Morning came and coffee was on tap and I sat in the sun in the meadow for quite a bit. Then the fishing was on. I did not start out hot that day, but my luck picked up as the day moved on. After some great fishing, I caught mine for dinner, then the thunderstorm rolled in. Packed quite a punch in the rain department, giving everything a soaking. I just fired up the shuffle, layed down for a nap listening to Zeppelin and Floyd. After the storm passed, it was time to get things ready for dinner. What a meal, fresh fish, a sweet potato I packed in, and a Backpackers Pantry Beef Stroganoff meal too boot. The night set in, and also a much fuller moon that night, made for a very nice star trail shot as the moon was lighting up the landscape.

The next day was a early coffee and break camp start to the day, as everyone wanted to fish the upper lakes on the way out. I made a straight push to the pass, then took a nice break in the sun up there before returning to the car. It was a great trip out there, and nice to be back in the Uintas, especially this early. Enjoy the pics, more adventures to come this summer!

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