Sunday, February 5, 2012

Starting Off February Proper- 2.2-3.2012- Snowbird

The first week of February, old man winter sent a little present of the ultralight snow that the Wasatch is famous for. With the thin pickings this year, this was a welcome addition to our snow pack. Thursday the storm came in, and visibility was nil. I did a lot of flying blind to get my runs in, flat as the light was. But still managed to do a lot more off trail riding since the last storm cemented in more terrain to be accessible. Friday was a fun leftovers day, with the Bookends and the Sunday Cliffs opening. Finally had a nice lap out Road to Provo, and then headed to Tigertail. Nice but technical run to get out there, where I ended up going down Tiny Tiger. On my way back up the Baby T chair, saw that no one was over there, and it was fresh just about everywhere. Spent some laps over there putting my mark in the hill, and then headed to Gadzoom for some fun cruising and finding leftovers. A great couple of days to start the month, but we are not even close to being where we need to be. Hoping for a wet spring, if not this season might go down and the drought of 2012. Watching the weather closely, looks like some blue bird cruising coming up for us for the next week.

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