Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soly Shuffle- Solitude- 12.14.2011

We finally got some snow! I got an invite to shred Solitude with my good friends Phil and Scotty. This was not something I was going to miss out on. We started off on Eagle and rode the whole resort. The snow was in great condition, lots of little things to jump off of and really fast laps. Even a few freshies off trail with no hidden surprises. It is still a very early season snow pack, so you have to be careful, but the coverage was good and you could venture most places on the mountain. It was obvious where you did not want to be, and we stayed away from those. Solitude is like a playground, so much stuff to do and play on, steeps, trees, cutouts, it is a snowboarders paradise. In all, it was a great day, perfect to be in the mountains.

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