Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cruisers At The Bird- 12.26.2011

After taking a few days off from the last storm and to spend some time with my family for xmas, I got the message that Fryer was going to be up at da Bird for the day. Not something I was gonna miss out on. Got up there about 10 and threw the boots on. Started out on Peruvian where the snow, surprisingly was really good. We took a few laps there and decided to go find the sun. Tram to Regs it was, down to my first Little Cloud of the season. Rough traverse to get back to Regs. Some Gadzoom fun and back to P-dog to finish the day out. A great day riding with my friends, sunshine and good snow. Our thin season so far has to be a matter of perspective if you are going to have fun. Mother Nature does what she does, and so should we.

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