Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cuberant Basin- Uintas- September 23rd-25th- 2011

This was a last minute trip that began Friday night. We had a spooky ride in the dark up Hwy 150, deer were everywhere. We finally arrived at my secret camp spot just of the Mirror Lake Hwy. We set up shop, got a fire going and cracked some cold ones. It was so dead out there you could hear a pin drop. Pretty chilly too. After some photos, some brews, we crashed out. Morning awoke me with some crazy clouds in over the area. Got some sweet photos, then we had coffee, breakfast and headed to the Pass Lake trailhead. We headed right in and it was still so green, wildflowers still blooming with the colors changing in the meadows. We made a hard push for the Kamas-Lofty/Cuberant junction, quick pit stop there then pushed for the pass. We did not stay on the pass too long, it was really windy up there. We moved on and down into Cuberant Basin. I love this place, so tucked back in there, and it was still so green! We made our way to Cuberant # 2, then after a few pics headed to Cuberant #3 to camp. We got shop pitched and fishing was on.

Third cast and I had a nice brookie on. These guys have grown from the last time we were out here last year. Fishing was on fire! We fished for hours, and both landed quite a few fish. Dusk comes early this time of year, so we finished up on the fishing and got our fire ready for a fish cookout! I took some pics at sunset, really nice lighting that night. As soon as the sun went down, the temps started dropping. We got our fire raging and got dinner ready. After an amazing dinner I took a few night shots as we had our frosty beverages by the fire. Around midnight both of us were tired, and it was getting really cold, so we turned in. I slept till about 9:30 am, as did Chris, and it was some of the best sleep I have had in weeks. We got up, made coffee and breakfast, and got out the slingshot for some good fun. Then fishing was on again! This was some really good fishing, as they would hit it on the drop. About 3 pm we decided to head up to #2 on our way out. A swift push for the pass and up and over we went. It was a perfect hike out, sunny skies, mild temps, and just beautiful views.

We arrived at the car a little under 2 hours later and cracked some 1st Amendment beers to celebrate another great trip in the Uintas. Bitter sweet for me, for this will probably be my last trip out there this year because of work and school. It has been a really strange summer, short, craziness for me and my family, and not as many trips as usual that is for sure. But I made the best of it, and that is what you have to do when the going gets tough. Enjoy the pics, I have one more weekend slated for Southern Utah, then bring on the pow pow!

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