Wednesday, April 15, 2015

36" of magic! Snowbird- 4.15.15

Just when you thought winter was over, pow! Mother Nature dumped 36" of the goods up at Snowbird. Everything was delayed today, so it was best be patient and the goods would be available. We rode everything that was open and had miles of powder turns. Things were knee to thigh deep every where you went. Highlight of the day was finishing off a great one on the mountain as they opened Peruvian Gulch. It was so deep off the P-Dog chair it was like watching a digging convention with all the skiers who lost ski's in the abyss. So much deep powder out there, and tons of terrain to get after that was not one week ago where you wanted to be. Mid-Baldy was my favorite line of the day with a blasting slash that I rode out of the cloud in. Here is a shot of me rockin' out as I was about to drop into Primrose. Winter is back for the moment. We will see how long this party lasts.

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