Saturday, December 27, 2014

Greens Basin- 12.27.2014

We finally got enough snow to bury those trees and stumps and rocks out there. The original plan was to tour up Mill D, but because of the high volume of traffic heading up that trail, we decided to go to Greens Basin instead. The climb up was a frosty one, and we made our way up the shoulder of the unnamed peak up there that overlooks the basin in just a couple of hours. We found a great spot once we made it to the top and broke everything out from touring to riding mode. A little bit of a break on the top, then we strapped up and dropped in. The snow was so good, and the riding was stable and a lot of fun. We made it to the meadow, and decided to put our boards in touring mode and skate ski to the summer trail for a luge ride home. It was a great first day out touring, I hope to have many more to come. Enjoy the short video I made from today and pray for snow!

Greens Basin Tour 12.27.2014 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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