Monday, September 29, 2014

Cuberant Basin Part II, Uinta Mountains- September 2014

We had a late season heat wave which was to warm things up, so I decided I wanted to get back out in the mountains. Time is numbered as winter will be knocking on the door soon. I got in touch with my friend Mike, and we set out for Cuberant Basin, as Mike had never been back in there. We made an afternoon hike in, and got to camp in the early evening. We got everything situated, and then we settled in for the evening. It was chilly, but not too cold, and the fire kept things warm enough to rattle off a very nice star trail. Eventually, both of us were tired and we hit the tents for some shut eye. Morning was cool, but not too bad. Coffee was extra tasty when the temps are a bit cool. We eventually were warmed by the sun, and we decided to hike up to #1 and #4 lakes in the basin. We stopped at #2, and I landed a nice Cutthroat to start the day off. We ate lunch at #1, then moved up to #4.

I had a nice one hit my fly at #4, only to loose it on the way in on the retrieval. The weather was perfect, with a bit of a breeze as was forecasted. We spent quite a bit of time up at #4, then we decided to hike back to camp for some evening fishing at #3, and to get dinner ready. Evening set in with a repeat performance from the previous night, stars bright with temperatures a few degrees warmer. We had a great night hanging out in the symphony of silence. I turned in for one great nights sleep. Dawn brought a few more clouds which were the lead to the soaking storm we have had here over the weekend. The hike out was beautiful, and hits of fall color were everywhere. This may be one of the last backpacking trips of the season as the winter weather is supposed to return to the area over the weekend. I may get one more, we shall see. Regardless, it has been a great summer. Some fall hiking, and then we will be sliding on the snow once again. Enjoy the pics below. More adventures to come!

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