Monday, July 7, 2014

Twin Lakes Trail, Big Cottonwood Canyon- July 2014

I have a list of places to backpack here in the Wasatch, and Twin Lakes was on that list. I decided to head up because the weather was nice, clear skies and no storms expected. I made a quick pace into Silver Lake then pushed up the Twin Lakes trail. I made a rather quick climb and was standing at the dam before I knew it. I traversed back to the southwest side of the lake, and found a great spot to set up shop for the night. I got camp set, and then tossed in a line. I got one on pretty quick, but much smaller than the whopper I pulled out of here last summer. After some time fishing, and some chilling lake side, I made my way back up to camp for the evening. The sunset was pretty, and the stars started to pop out. You could see the Milky Way above the Wolverine Cirque. I spent quite a while shooting photos and enjoying a few beverages I hauled in with me to enjoy. After getting what I wanted via the camera, I turned in. Some of the best sleep in weeks for sure. I awoke to the sun up over the mountains, and really mild temps for an AM at camp in the mountains. I made some coffee and then tried out some more fishing. Much slower than the evening before, but still fun. I finally headed back up and packed it up to hike out. The walk out was warm and beautiful. It was a nice evening up there. I am glad to have checked this one off the Wasatch Bucket List. We are nearly half way through summer, so more adventures to be had for sure!

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