Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Begins- 2.1.2013

After being off my snowboard for a week due to a heel and arch injury, this was my first day back on the hill. I honestly did not know what to expect, and how things were gonna go. I headed out on the front side for some laps as Mineral Basin had not been open in two days. And it had been snowing all week. I made my way in Peruvian and on the Gad side of things, then headed to the peak on some inside info that the Basin was about to open. Just as I dropped from the peak they pulled the rope and it was on! Some really smooth and creamy supportable snow, great for slashing surf style turns, and going really fast with the grauple that was in it. I has some great runs, and was for sure grateful that I was back snowboarding again. I spent the majority of my day back in Mineral, but did hit the Cirque, and hiked a Baldy to come home. All in all a great day, really stoked I got to ride some of the goods that I was for sure figuring that I was going to miss because of downtime for my foot. Enjoy the video, more adventures to come!

February Begins- 2.1.2013 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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