Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowshoeing Jordan Pines to Cardiff Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon 1.19.2013

With the air quality just nasty in the valley, and my wife and daughter never having tried out snowshoeing, getting in the mountains was a must. We headed up on a very smoggy day in the valley, but very sunny day in the mountains. It was noticeably warmer at the trail head than it was at my house. We got on our snowshoes and headed in. A nice walk until we passed Jordan Pines, and we wandered off trail so my daughter could stomp the deep stuff to her hearts content. It was nice to be out hiking again, and the deep snow was a great workout. We continued up through the woods to find some more snow to for my daughter to play in. After a fun time, the sun dipped behind the ridge and the temps started to drop. It was time to go, and so off we went. A nice, but brisk walk to the car, and we were on our way. This is a great area to introduce snowshoeing for free to anyone interested in getting out and hiking in the snow. Make sure if you venture higher in this gulch than Doughnut Falls, you bring avalanche rescue gear and a willing partner. But to Doughnut Falls is pretty safe and well out of dangerous avalanche terrain. The meadows full of snow with huge flake formations on the surface sparkling in the sunlight were amazing! It was like winter fairy land for my daughter. I will for sure get out more on the snowshoes, forgot how much fun it is. Enjoy the slideshow below.
djnebula's Jordan Pines to Cardiff Fork 1-19-2013 album on Photobucket

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