Monday, October 15, 2012

Oktober Family Fun- Bells Canyon, Wasatch-Cache National Forest- October 2012

I have really been away from home all summer. I mean literally. I was only home 3 weekends all summer because I was out building my portfolio for photography. So I have taken a few weekends off to spent some quality family time. Last weekend was Cornbelly's on Saturday for my daughter, and Oktoberfest for the whole family on Sunday.My Mom and Grandpa Bob were in town for a visit! So much fun!
This weekend we did the Living Planet Aquarium on Saturday because of the weather. Sunday, as a family we decided to go hiking. We settled on Bells Canyon since the parking at the trails was packed up Millcreek Canyon. It has been almost a whole season since I have been up there, so was wondering how it did over this hot, dry summer we had. The colors were outstanding, as well were the temps for Mid-October. We made the quick jaunt up to the lake, then hopped off the main route to look for some good spots to shoot some family photos. After the photos, we made our way around the lake and to a spot that my daughter likes to climb on the granite boulders that have come out of the canyon. The light was awesome, and it was such a nice day. I did not bring my fishing rod because I was spending time with my family, but I did see them rising out there, may have to sneak a quick trip up there in before the snow flies. It was an awesome day with the family that I love so much! Few more days hiking and we will be on the snow! More to come.........

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