Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sugarloaf Tour- First Turns Of The 2011/2012 Season! 11/13/11

Well, it was bound to happen. Me getting a new Voile splitboard, and getting my first turns of the season. We decided west facing was good, since it was forecasted "Low" for avalanche danger today. So the Sugarloaf lift area at Alta has some great low angle stuff that just gets stacked with new snow. So this was a destination of choice due to the conditions for NW-E facing slopes were forecasted "Considerable." We got our gear on and started the long skin. It was snowing and the wind was howling. I forgot how much work skinning can be if you are out of practice. Once I got my technique dialed back in we made pretty good time up there. I went up to about 100 ft below the Sugarloaf lift, put the board back together, packed up the skins and put on the helmet cam. The ride down was sick, great surface with some right off trail freshies. I got to the car, and it just left me hungry for more. Great day to kick off the season- could not have asked for better snow conditions. There was a fatality in Gad Valley from an avalanche that killed one rider and another avy that fractured a skiers femur below Gunsight at Alta on Sunday. If you are touring early stay up to date on the conditions and be careful out there. Enjoy the video!

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